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The Diamond Edge
Commercial Knife program.

      Our Commercial Knife program is simple and straight forward. We do not
fullfill the clients requirements by purchasing the knives and then renting them
out. Due to agreements not being kept resulting in The Diamond Edge being
forced to absorb the initial cost, we now require the establishment seeking service to purchase the knives. They retain ownership at all times.

   If the client agrresThe Diamond Edge will act as intermediary and  purchasing agent for the client using their funds. The Diamond Edge will then service the knives at an agreed upon rotational schedule and price per knife . The commercial establishment absorbs all knife replacement costs

   We limit this service to any commercial entity within 25 mile radius of our shop.  The Knives we purchase are from those manufacturers who have proven to us to be the best value and of high quality stainless steel  (Dexter Russel, Update Int., Mercer etc.)

   The first question you must have is "What will this cost me?" To answer that we offer the form below. This form entails no cost or obligation on your part. Its for informational purposes only. Fill the form out entering the types and size of knives you require in your kitchen. Knives are taylored to your needs. One size doesn't not fit all. Be sure to fill in your email address so we can send the proposal to you. If you like the quote, give us a call and we can get the process started.  If not, it ends right there.
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The Diamond Edge Commercial Knife  Program
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