The Diamond Edge Mission - Providing professional  kitchen knife sharpening , at a low price and quick service.

We sharpen all the major knife brands.


                Welcome to The Diamond Edge                 Located in the heart of Chester County, Pennsylvania

The Diamond Edge was created in 2008 to provide a knife sharpening service to the area's residential customers. We have evolved to include the area's commercial customers as well  Explore our website and you will see we offer three ways to use our service. (1)"No appointment" business hours drop-off, (2) a five knife mininum pick-up, sharpen and delivery service,  available to both residential as well as commercial customers and (3) for our commercial customer, a knife rental program which provides the knives and  sharpening for one low fee.

Turn around time for our Customers is usually 1 to 2 days 

From the day you purchase a new knife or have it re-sharpened, the first time you use it, it is beginning to go dull. There never has been a knife which never needs sharpening.   Many customers come to me, almost apologizing for the condition of their knives' edges and wonder if they are worth saving.  First, I don't sharpen sharp knives.  Second, you bought the knives loving them when they were new. Well, lets bring the love you had for them back. Lets get them sharpened, and enjoy cooking once again.

        "We have a Commercial Program but We love our Residential customers"

How do we sharpen them?    We feature the Swedish built Tormek wet wheel
grinding system. This method results in, no burn marks, no distortion, no
weakening of the metal from excessive heat........just a very sharp and
polished blade edge.

      "We will treat your Knives
                   as if they were our own"


We sharpen serrated knives, however there are a few limitations. Knives with serrations with greater then 1/8 inch width such as the bread knife shown above, we can sharpen. The steak knives  included in a set with serrations so small that they were created by the manufacturer rolling a dye on the edge of the knife, we can not sharpen. If you have a favorite bread knife or any large serrated knife and it has lost its ability to cut, The Diamond Edge can bring it back to life.
                                        SHARPENING PRICES  

                                                        Drop off knives at Shop Service
Straight Edge knives (Any Length)......................................................$5.00 per
Serarated Knives (that meet the above description).............................$5.50 per

Pickup, Sharpen and Delivery Service
              Straight Edge and Serrated Knives (minimum 5 knives)........................$6.50 per                                               Less then 5 knives....Minimun $30.00 Charge             
             Must be within a 25 mile radius of Downingtown, Pa

Both services available to Commercial and Residential customers

           If using our Pickup, Sharpen and Delivery service gives us a call or send an email using the form on our "Contact Us" page to notify us your desire to use the service. Include in the email the time and date ( a Wed., Thurs or Friday)  for Pickup. Also include your name, address and phone number so I can immediately contact you if there is a problem with the date chosen.  Pickup would be between 10AM - 6PM, our business hours.

    Within 7 days of receiving the knives back from sharpening, and not satisfied with the sharpening results, you can request a regrind. Just give us a call within 7 days. If we are closed, just leave us a message and bring in the knife on our next business day. If still unhappy after the regrind we will give you a refund for sharpening services performed on that knife(s).

Cleaning, Care and Storage of Knives
                            We recommend:
                          (1)  to preserve a knife's edge, you wash it by hand with a soft dish rag, warm water and
                                 detergent, rinse  and dry by hand with a towel. 

                          (2)  that knives be stored in a knife block, if stored loose in a drawer, the edge be covered                                                                  with a blade guard.

                          (3)  the use of a good ceramic "steel" is recommended, to straighten out the thin edge which                                                          even simple everyday use can distort. It will extend that sharpness of your knife.

                                        Keep your knives sharp and Enjoy cooking once again!


Due to liability reasons we do not sharpen machetes, fantasy knifes, home made knives etc. We do not sharpen lawn equipment such as mower blades and clipper shears. Nor do we sharpen wood working tools, circular saw blades or paper cutting knives. We simply sharpen kitchen cutlery and will include pocket and Hunting knives as well

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We are now offering Gift Certificates, available in any amount.  Gift Certificates can be purchased at our shop during our normal business hours. Present Certificate at time of knife dropoff/pickup.
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Our Goal: Complete Service Satisfaction for both
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We sharpen all Kitchen
    Knife Brands

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